POSTED:  Sunday, November 17th, 2019            (Nov. 18th, 2019)

SFV: Champion Edition Announced, Includes New V-Skills, 40 Characters & More, Gill Reveal Trailer


At the CPT 2019 NA Regional Finals, Capcom announced Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and revealed the almighty Gill as the first new character of Season 4. Launching Feb. 14th, 2020, SFV: Champion Edition will retail as a new package ($29.99 USD) containing all SFV content to date, including 34 stages, 200+ costumes, 40 characters (confirming there's one more character after Gill), and new V-Skills for all returning characters. SFV:CE will also be available for purchase as a digital upgrade to SFV: Arcade Edition ($24.99). Gill will join the game sometime next month. Below, check out the SFV: CE announce trailer and Gill reveal trailer from Capcom. [UPDATE] Added Gill's official art / character select portrait.




       For details on Gill's V-Triggers and full movelist, visit Capcom's official site.

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Source:  Street Fighter (YouTube)
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