Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Dead or Alive 6 Character Profile Cards Gallery


TFG's preview profile for Dead or Alive 6 was recently updated with an official character cards gallery featuring every character in the game to date. These particularly "colorful" character cards were slowly released one at a time via the official DOA6 Twitter, and now the full collection can be viewed in its entirety right here on TFG! Every character card includes each fighter's unique nickname or moniker, nationality, fighting style, age/birthday, height/weight, and occupation. For your convenience, below is every DOA6 character card released thus far.


ayane-doa6-character-card.jpg (209689 bytes)
     bass-doa6-character-card.jpg (348083 bytes)     bayman-doa6-character-card.jpg (289632 bytes)     brad-wong-doa6-character-card.jpg (335001 bytes)     christia-doa6-character-card.jpg (338216 bytes)
diego-doa6-character-card.jpg (362697 bytes)
     elliot-doa6-character-card.jpg (361625 bytes)     hayabusa-doa6-character-card.jpg (241619 bytes)     hayate-doa6-character-card.jpg (320449 bytes)     helena-doa6-character-card.jpg (282027 bytes)
hitomi-doa6-character-card.jpg (262964 bytes)
     honoka-doa6-character-card.jpg (252766 bytes)     jannlee-doa6-character-card.jpg (265372 bytes)     kasumi-doa6-character-card.jpg (305484 bytes)     kokoro-doa6-character-card.jpg (350145 bytes)
leifang-doa6-character-card.jpg (285447 bytes)
     lisa-doa6-character-card.jpg (361028 bytes)     marierose-doa6-character-card.jpg (267336 bytes)     mila-doa6-character-card.jpg (331711 bytes)     nico-doa6-character-card.jpg (344590 bytes)

nyotengu-doa6-character-card.jpg (353562 bytes)
     phase5-doa6-character-card.jpg (335007 bytes)     rig-doa6-character-card.jpg (280221 bytes)     tina-armstrong-doa6-character-card.jpg (358435 bytes)     zack-doa6-character-card.jpg (288485 bytes)

Each of these cards has also been added to all respective TFG character profiles. TFG's DOA6 profile also includes a full character renders gallery.

Stay right here on FightersGeneration.com for continued coverage of DOA6.

Source:  DOATEC Official
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