Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Vol. 2 Hits PS4 Today, Series History with Yasuyuki Oda


A classic Fatal Fury compilation hits PS4 today. Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Vol. 2 includes Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers. On Playstation.blog, SNK director Yasuyuki Oda reveals some interesting details regarding the Real Bout series, recalling some of the challenges and "untold stories" SNK faced during development! Below is an excerpt from the article regarding the development of Real Bout Fatal Fury.


One interesting point regarding the creation of Real Bout Fatal Fury was that it was produced by reusing unsold NeoGeo cartridges of Fatal Fury 3, the prequel to RBFF which was released in 1995.

Unfortunately, Fatal Fury 3 did not hit the high expectations of the company, and is often considered the black sheep of the series. That meant that there were a lot of unsold cartridges on hand, and the engineers at SNK ended up reusing specific chips from those cartridges during the creation of Real Bout Fatal Fury.

The concept of stage borders and "Ring Out" that were introduced in Real Bout Fatal Fury was a popular addition amongst players of the home (AES) version of the game.

"The entire team felt this would offer an extra degree of danger to the battles and it also gave us an opportunity to add in some silly fan service." says game director Yasuyuki Oda.

Unfortunately not all fans were in agreement - it was criticized and feared by arcade players as they could lose their match from a single mistake which meant their hard-earned coins could easily go down the drain. "This feedback, while somewhat unexpected, was important in dictating how the team approached the next entry in the series," Oda concluded. Ring outs would never make a return to the Fatal Fury series.

Fore more, check out the full article over at Playstation.blog. Below is the release trailer for Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Vol. 2.


Source:  PlayStation.Blog EU
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