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SNK's 40th Anniversary Official Website Presents Special Illustrations by Iconic Artists


If seeing the words "SNK" and "40th" side by side makes you feel a bit old... join the club, and cheer up because you're part of The Fighters Generation. (That means you're old school, and it's something to be proud of.)   Anyway, one of the new "Special" features over at SNK's 40th Anniversary website might be of interest to you, especially if you love SNK artwork like the rest of us. SNK's 40th Anniv. Special Illustrations section presents brand new 2018 illustrations drawn by iconic artists known for their work on SNK games, including: Hiroaki, Falcoon, Kita SenriEisuke Ogura, and Tonko. Below, check out all of the SNK 40th Anniv. illustrations released thus far!


Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami & Chizuru by Hiroaki


Terry Bogard by Eisuke Ogura


Samurai Shodown Characters by Kita Senri

Mai Shiranui by Falcoon

Metal Slug Characters by Tonko

SNK's 40th Anniversary website also features written interviews with the above artists, although the interviews are in Japanese (*you might have some luck using Google translate). If a fully translated version becomes available, I'll update this article.

And in case you haven't already checked it out, SNK's official website also features a must-see Interactive Timeline, featuring more articles, tons of old school photos, and videos all about SNK's History.

Stay tuned for more SNK 40th Anniversary content, because SNK's second Special feature titled "My SNK Life" is coming soon to SNK's official site.
As always, stay tuned on FightersGeneration.com for future SNK news! The Future is Now.
 ~TFG Webmaster / Mr. Yagami

Sources:  SNKGlobalSNK 40th Anniversary Official Site
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