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Armor King travels from one wrestling ring to another, searching for a worthy challenger. The original Armor King watched with interest at King's attempt to win the first tournament in need of money for his orphanage. Although King did not win the tournament, he won third place, giving him enough money to build his orphanage. 

Soon after a child dies in his care, King ran away, choosing the path of the drunkard. Armor King saw a total change in his old rival as King no longer entered any wrestling tournaments and disappeared for long periods of time. Armor King became worried about his friend/rival and intervened just in time, as King was at the edge of a breakdown. Finding King distraught and drunk in an alleyway, he convinces him to get back into the spirit of fighting and enter the second tournament. After meeting King at the tournament, he defeated him, despite the other fighter's resolve and new techniques. Telling him of his orphanage, he bids King to return to his foster children.

"The mysterious masked wrestler, Armor King.... Just who is behind the steel armor and black jaguar mask and what do they seek? The answer is veiled in mystery." That is all that is said about him in his Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection prologue. Craig Marduk murdered the original Armor King during the time of the King of Iron Fist 4, but Armor King's brother took his place and returned as the one they call "Armor King" in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

During the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Armor King attacked Craig Marduk and than vanished. Who is this man hidden behind the black jaguar mask and steel disguised as Armor King? What's his relationship to King and for what reason did he attack Craig? Still hidden in mystery, the gong for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 has all ready been rung.
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Page Updated:  May 6th, 2024

Armor King was always a mysterious and cool Tekken character, but he's certainly come a very long way since the early days. He didn't have a huge amount of unique moves in T1/T2, but that changed when he made his epic return in TTT1 - where his moveset was redefined with new moves and mannerisms. After Tag, Armor King was absent in the series for quite some time (and King ended up with many of his moves in T4/5). Later, history repeated itself in T5DR with Armor King's second epic return, where his design and moveset were re-imagined with tons of new moves & animations.

His later versions in T6, TTT2 & T7 are without a doubt his most fleshed-out appearances to date. He's got so many badass moves & throws, and quite frankly, A.King puts a lot of other fighting game wrestlers to shame in terms of "ouch factor". He's got some of the hardest-hitting throws and attacks of all time, and a very dynamic fighting style. He doesn't slack on the martial arts either... he's got great looking kicks, for days! Besides a few "classic" moves that he couldn't be without, Armor King now fights entirely different from King. He's evolved very impressively over the years and now stands alone as a timeless design.

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