Darun Mister


Darun is a wrestling champion from India. As the champion of a private wrestling organization sponsored by a group of influential millionaires, Darun lived a lucrative lifestyle yet could not choose his own opponents. Then Darun's fortunes changes, as he was hired for a bodyguard for one of the millionaire's daughters, Pullum. During Pullum's travels, Darun was finally able to fight the best champions throughout the world. He eventually hears of Zangief's legendary wrestling status, and immediately seeks out the Russian wrestler to prove to himself that he is indeed the world's best grappler. Darun Mister's design is based on a Pehlwani wrestler (from the 1900's to the 1930's) known as The Great Gama.
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Street Fighter EX

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Street Fighter EX2, Street Fighter EX3, Fighting EX Layer

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Page Updated:  Dec. 30th, 2022

Darun was one of the few fighting game pro-wrestlers grapplers in the early days who looked like he could give Zangief a run for his money. Also, his chain throws in SFEX2 actually give King a run for his money as well (but no doubt were inspired by King... since King pretty much invented chain throws). Anyhow, Darun has some unique wrestling throws that define him as a design. Any pro-wrestling fan has gotta love his jumping forward-flip powerbomb. I love watching that move connect. So satisfying! His grab out of the air and spinning DDT are also well-executed. Arika nailed the animation on these. :)

Visually, Darun is a simple yet very memorable design. Darun's ridiculously pointy mustache is indubitably badass... and his evil eyebrows compliment epically compliment that stylish stache. That was a fun sentence to write. Heh. >;) Worth mentioning, Darun's updated rendering in Fighting EX Layer is incredible! That muscle definition is sick! 

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