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Gun Jack



Appearing in The King of Iron Fist 3, Gun Jack is a more advanced prototype of the Jack robot series. Gun Jack was created by Jane in an attempt to revive her old friend, Jack-2. While she is successful in implanting Jack-2's memories inside him, Gun Jack is destroyed by gunfire by the Tekken Forces after he and Jane attempt to break into the Mishima Zaibatsu labs.
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Tekken 3



Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken Advance, Tekken Hybrid,


Page Updated:  Sep. 21st, 2023

Gun Jack was a pretty cool alternate version of Jack, and even though he wasn't all that exciting in Tekken 3, they at least gave him some much better moves in Tag... Jack-5 / Jack-6 eventually received all of Gun Jack's trademark moves, so Gun Jack has simply become a "memory" in the Tekken series. I highly doubt we'll ever see this version of Jack again.

If you're wondering why Gun Jack has a separate profile apart from the
Jack Robot Series, it's because he's clearly a very different design, visually. Worth mentioning, Gun Jack has a "secret" alternate skin in Tekken 3, making him look like more like a regular Jack.

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