Joe is an American kickboxer who became an underground martial arts champion. He fought in the first Street Fighter tournament but was defeated. Joe was formerly the unbeaten kickboxing champion of the United States before violent outbursts and financial troubles caused him to become an outlaw on the road. He currently participates in indie wrestling tournaments under the identity "Super Star". It's possible that Joe is loosely based on the late kickboxing legend, Joe Lewis.

Fun Fact: For many years, fans speculated that Joe was the blond fighter seen in the original Street Fighter 2: World Warrior intro. This was later disconfirmed by the Capcom Fighters Network website after the release of Street Fighter V concept artwork and bios for the actual characters who appear in the intro named "Scott" and "Max".
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Page Updated:  Feb. 5th, 2022

Joe is undisputedly the most generic and unimaginative Street Fighter character in history. Red pants and white shoes... that's it huh? lol. Well, he's got everything he needs to be a typical kickboxer in any 90's martial arts flick. Hey, at least he looks like a fighter.

No way Capcom would ever bring him back right? Well... Fast forward to SF4, and any old school fan would recognize Joe shares some resemblance to Abel. Their similar haircut is the most prominent likeness. Abel also has "amnesia", which begs the question: is Capcom is secretly suggesting that Abel forget his real name is actually Joe? (Probably not the case, but a fun fan speculation to think about.) Although he's clearly not a fleshed out design, in 1987, Joe actually wasn't a terrible character in SF1. Joe was a generic bloke for the main heroes to beat up on... and thus, he served his actual purpose. lol. Thankfully, Capcom came up with vastly more imaginative characters in the many sequels to come. 

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