Like the other dolls, Juni was kidnapped by Shadaloo at a young age and was brainwashed to be assassins and bodyguards for M.Bison. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Juni was sent to find Ryu but did not succeed. After that, she joined Juli. Juni, like the other Shadaloo Dolls, was kidnapped by Shadaloo and enhanced with the Psycho Drive. She was later sent out as an assassin to take out Cammy. However, Cammy convinced her that Bison was just using them. Returning, Bison intended to destroy all the Dolls but they turned against him. Cammy helped bring him down, and then used the Psycho Drive to restore the Dolls and send them away from the base.
Originally, the Dolls could not live if Bison had died, as the brainwashing corrupted them so much they would have collapsed and died. Eventually, Cammy broke free from Bison's mind control (apparently with help from Dhalsim) and managed to do the same for the others. When Bison appeared, they collectively attacked him. During the attack, Bison informed Cammy that she was his clone, and that if he died, she and the other Dolls would die as well. Despite this, Cammy fought against his psychic probing and rescued the Dolls from Bison's control with the Psycho Drive. Cammy led the Dolls out the Shadaloo base, but then fell unconscious along with the rest of them, rendering the Dolls in a state of amnesia.

In the Super Street Fighter IV OVA, Juri was sent by S.I.N. to capture the 12 Dolls in a Shadaloo base. Juri easily defeats them, and when she is taking Juni and Juli to the S.I.N. transport, Guile and Cammy appear. Guile is defeated, and Cammy follows Juri to save the Dolls, managing to get inside the craft before it leaves. Despite her efforts, Cammy is overwhelmed by Juri, who then shoves the unconscious Juni off the plane, taking Cammy along with her. Luckily, a nearby mountaintop and a mound of snow breaks their fall. Juni makes an appearance in Cammy's SSFIV storyline (having been hospitalized after the encounter with Juri), being looked over by her. When she wakes up (due to Cammy's pet cat jumping onto her), she is greeted by Cammy. It is presumed that Juni has amnesia as well, as Cammy comments; "Don't worry. Amnesia can be alarming: believe me, I know." (if she retained any memories, it would be her memory of Cammy).
In Street Fighter V, Juni is being protected by Cammy at Delta Red. Juni reunites with Cammy after she escapes the Shadaloo base and Cammy noticed that she has a permission to go out. When the two are talking about cats, they are attacked by Shadaloo soldiers led by Vega as he attacks Cammy. Cammy tries to protect Juni from Vega. Juni notes that Vega's claw is much like Decapre's (implying that she remembers her time as a Doll). After Vega leaves, Cammy decides to save the Dolls from Shadaloo as Juni encourages her to come back after she saves them.
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Street Fighter Alpha 3


Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Street Fighter Alpha: Anthology, Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection, SF:30th Anniversary Collection, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Namco X Capcom


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Cammy was a great design, so it only makes sense that Capcom would eventually clone her. Cammy's 2D sprite in the SFA series is also particularly well done, so it was a good time to clone her. ;) Juni came out to be a pretty cool and mysterious design for the series, and had some of her own unique moves which distinguished her (although she could've used more). For some reason, I personally I like Juli more... but in any case, the two definitely make a badass duo! Juni & Juli also brought innovation to Street Fighter Alpha 3 by fighting side by side. 2 VS 1 gameplay is too fun. :) 

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