Kilik was found as a baby on the doorstep of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple, widely considered to be the greatest martial arts school in China. After the monks of the temple gave up their search for the child's parents, they decided to raise him as an orphan. Eventually, he was regarded as the temple's finest student and was hired as one of the school's teachers, leading him to be the elected candidate for inheritor of the holy bo staff, Kali-Yuga, one of the three sacred treasures of the temple. His fighting moves take advantage of the rod's long reach and have a wide area of efficacy, enabling him to keep enemies at a distance.

One night, his "sister", Xianglian, visited him as he was deep in thought, and revealed that she had become elected for inheritor of the holy mirror Dvapara-Yuga. But she also divulged the details of a conversation she had overheard: that only two of the treasures still existed at the temple, because the Krita-Yuga had been stolen years ago by her biological father and that the monks had been hiding this the entire time. She had been nominated for the Dvapara-Yuga instead, because she had told the master of the temple that she felt unworthy to inherit the Krita-Yuga, considering her family history, and her selfless reflection was a prominent feature of her inheritance of Dvapara-Yuga. However, the night before the succession ceremony, the Evil Seed down on the temple, and an evil presence overwhelmed the inhabitants. Sensing the evil, the monks who were preparing for the ceremony immediately transferred ownership of the holy artifacts to Kilik and Xianglian. Minutes later, everyone in the temple lost their sanity except Xianglian. With madness combined with his great skills, Kilik killed many temple members as everyone fought one-another. Xianglian realized the power of the mirror and slung it around Kilik's shoulder, causing him to regain his sanity as she lost hers. When Kilik had completely regained his senses, he realized that the monks had slaughtered each other. He tried to leave, but the only other known survivor, Xianglian, blocked his way, now totally corrupted by the Evil Seed, and attacked him. He tried to avoid hurting her, but was forced to kill her in self-defense.

An old man, the Edge Master, adviser and teacher of the Ling-Sheng Su martial arts, found Kilik's unconscious body in the temple. He set the corrupted temple on fire and carried Kilik home. After two days, Kilik finally awoke, and Edge Master told him the truth: Kilik and Kali-Yuga had been infected with the Evil Seed, the source of which was the demonic sword, Soul Edge. The only thing protecting his sanity was the Dvapara-Yuga, and he could never remove the holy mirror from his shoulder at any time. Wrought with grief that his life had come at the sacrifice of Xianglian's, Kilik trained with Edge Master for three years, trying to learn to control the evil within himself and Kali-Yuga. Once his training was complete, Edge Master gave him the final test of destroying the Soul Edge, and Kilik embarked on that quest to purify himself and his weapon.

On his journey, Kilik traveled to an Indian Port to request a pirate ship to take him where he wanted to go. He met the Japanese pirate of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, Kyam, who instantly took a liking to him, and granted Kilik's request for boarding, provided the ship's captain, Maxi, agreed when he returned. As Kilik waited for Maxi, a mysterious ship approached, which resulted in an attack, led by Astaroth. Maxi returned and Kilik assisted him during the attack. Astaroth managed to remove Dvapara-Yuga, causing Kilik to lose sanity and attack Maxi. Maxi suppressed Kilik long enough to put Dvapara-Yuga back on him and they continued to fight, but every member of Maxi's crew was left dead, and Maxi decided to aid Kilik in his quest. Later, the two met Xianghua, a member of the Ming Dynasty Imperial Guard, who aided them in their travels. (Although neither Kilik nor Xianghua knew that Xianglian was her long-lost sister.) With Maxi and Xianghua's help, Kilik stormed Ostrheinsburg Castle and defeated Nightmare, although Maxi was thought to be killed and the Dvapara-Yuga was destroyed. Kilik figured out he had learned to control the demonic powers within him and Kali-Yuga as he kept his sanity after Dvapara-Yuga was destroyed.

After Nightmare's defeat, Xianghua and Kilik were challenged by the demonic entity, Inferno, within a demonic void. Kilik was too weak to fight, so Xianghua fought in his stead. During the battle, her keepsake Tai Chi jian transformed into the holy sword, Soul Calibur, allowing her to defeat Inferno. In the end, however, she was forced to leave the sword behind in order to drag Kilik to safety as the void collapsed.
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Soul Calibur

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Soul Calibur 2, Soul Calibur 3, Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition, Soul Calibur 4, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Soul Calibur 5, Soul Calibur 6

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Page Updated:  June 8th, 2024

Kilik debuted in Soul Calibur (1) and was one of the prime examples of how far fighting game characters had come since the "old days". The fluidity of Kilik's movements and authentic Chinese martial arts bo staff techniques are undoubtedly the draw of his design, and on top of that, he's a cool looking fighter from the start. 

Kilik has developed nicely since his debut and he has understandably turned into a prominent character for the series... Soul Calibur just wouldn't be Soul Calibur without Kilik. He handles his staff with unmatched style and precision... no other bo staff user in any other fighting game even comes close.

I was surprised as everyone else to see Kilik appear as a "random fighting styles" character in SFV. Storyline-wise, it makes sense since he's Edge Master's student, but seeing Kilik using the likes of Voldo's fighting style and Astaroth's fighting style is... just too weird. Other than that, Kilik had amazing appearances in SC2, SC3, and SC4, obtaining awesome new moves with each incarnation.

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