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Kliff was known as a hero: He had bravely led the heroic Sacred Order of Holy Knights for decades during the Crusades. Nevertheless, he was thought of something of a historic relic. In his prime, however, he was regarded with awe... and, truth be told, a bit of fear as well. As a retirement gift, Kliff was given his sword of choice - the priceless treasure Dragonslayer, the gigantic blade that was said to have the power to kill dragons with a single stroke.

        Five years later, Kliff lives his quiet life of retirement in sheer boredom. His only diversion now is the study of various cultures' fighting techniques, the most interesting of which stemmed from the lost, legendary nation of Japan.  However, one day while walking through the streets, he notices a placard announcing a tournament for a proposed Second Sacred Order. Sensing a disturbance in the natural flow of energies, Kliff suddenly suspects something so terrible that he dare not speak it aloud: Is Justice being resurrected? Kliff immediately decides to return to the battlefield... and enter the tournament.
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Guilty Gear



Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, Guilty Gear XX Slash, Guilty Gear Judgment, Guilty Gear: Isuka, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R


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Page Updated:  June 22nd, 2022

What stands out about Kliff at first glance is obviously his huge sword. It's comical and also kinda cool that his weapon is twice as big as him... lol. Also, as an "elderly man" design, he's definitely original compared to many others in the fighting game realm. His story and the concept behind his design is also pretty interesting.

It is a bit strange how he can turn into his younger self during gameplay, but whatever... not everything has to make sense I guess. His "younger version" is obviously "cooler" than his shrunken, old man form, which is probably what Arc System Works intended. While he has a few cool moves, in my opinion, his outfit design is kind of boring (and his default color is just bland); he's definitely outshined by other Guilty Gear characters.

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