Violent Ken


When Ken Masters absorbed the Orochi power in SNK VS Capcom: Chaos, he became Violent Ken. This "evil" version of Ken was inspired by Sennou Ken (which literally means 'brainwashed Ken' in Japanese), who debuted in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie where he is being controlled by M. Bison. Violent Ken uses purple flames in his Shoryuken, not unlike Akuma.
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SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos



Ultra Street Fighter 2


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Page Updated:  May 28th, 2022

Ryu has an evil form... so why not Ken?! Ken's evil incarnation in the Street Fighter 2 animated movie was actually badass if you ask me, so his fighting game iteration was well-deserved (and it sure took long enough). Violent Ken's poofy white afro is something else... I think SNK was trolling Capcom a bit there! ^o^ Indeed that is a comical and random hairstyle, especially the way it's drawn in the official SVC: Chaos artwork (but somehow, also kinda cool?). On that note, it's also pretty odd that Ken's hair is "back to normal" in the in-game SVC dialogue artwork and his character sprite. Weird... (and intriguing?). 

Nonetheless, Violent Ken turned out to be a pretty cool character in SVC: Chaos. Though still a shoto at heart, his powered-up moves and teleporting abilities definitely put an interesting spin on classic Ken. 

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