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Shadowgeist is a warrior shrouded in mystery. He was once a normal man who lived in a country ruled by a harsh dictatorship. He lost both his wife and his daughter at the hands of the oppressive government, and he has sworn revenge against the man responsible. He is a fighter to be feared despite his bizarre looks. He shares some similarities to Skullomania and there are some indications that they may be brothers.

Street Fighter EX2

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Street Fighter EX3, Fighting EX Layer


Page Updated:  Apr. 30th, 2024

When I first saw Shadowgeist, I thought he looked completely out of place for Street Fighter... and in a way, he is. However, lest we forget about Skullomania. Shadowgeist seems to be a sort of "arch-enemy" of Skullo. Whether or not you think he fits in Street Fighter, he's a cleverly detailed & original visual design - inspired by the likes of characters from Kamen Rider. As an "oddball" character, he definitely rates high on the obscure meter, which many previous Street Fighter characters have also been successful with. I personally enjoyed using him in EX2... he helped make the roster more interesting.

Weirdly, Shadowgeist shares  some moveset similarities with Urien. Mostly his stance and key shoulder attack. Urien and Shadowgeist also debuted within a year of each other (1997-1998), which is interesting... I wonder if this was intended in any way.

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