Cupido made her first and only appearance in the Sega Saturn version of Battle Arena Toshinden, as an unlockable hidden character. She is an elite member of the Secret Society, a criminal organization, who secretly participated in the first Toshinden tournament. She is highly aware of many characters' pasts and personal affairs and offers them cryptic advice upon defeat. She is revealed to be the sister of Ripper, a playable character in the Sega Saturn version of the second game. She is also known to have had a relationship with Sho Shinjo and is Subaru's mother.


Battle Arena Toshinden (Saturn version)





Page Updated:  Dec. 21st, 2011

I've never played the Sega Saturn version of Toshinden, thus I don't know much about this character... sorry! lol. I'll do some research when I have some time.

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