Sho Shinjo


Sho had trained his younger brother Eiji and his friend Kayin Amoh in sword fighting, however, he eventually abandoned the pair. He then traveled the world as a lone warrior and became infamous for mercilessly defeating any other fighters rumored to have potential, among these being Kayin's father, who he killed. 

When the first Toshinden tournament was announced, he secretly entered the event and encountered Cupido, a woman from the Secret Society. They fell in love and eventually had a son together, named Subaru. After the events of the third tournament, where Eiji had destroyed the Organization and its leader Abel, Sho finally faced his brother and left Subaru in his care. However, he then disappeared immediately afterwards once again.

In Battle Arena Toshinden 2, a robotic copy of Sho called "Replicant" was created by Ronron. Sho was able to defeat Replicant with little problem.


Battle Arena Toshinden



Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Battle Arena Toshinden 3

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Page Updated:  Oct. 10th, 2023

Any hidden character in a fighting game usually gets default cool points just for being a secret character (especially in the 90's). This fact held true in Sho's case as well... he was fun to use in the original Toshinden since he fought like Eiji & Kayin, yet slightly different. Yea, you can call him "the Akuma" of the early Toshinden series. Visually, he's a pretty cool design overall and fits in with the rest of the cast, although his default color scheme is definitely a bit odd.... His cloths kinda don't match, actually. lol.

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