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Kayin is a friend of Eiji Shinjo and is a bounty hunter, going by the name of Storm. He was trained in sword-fighting along with Eiji by Eiji's older brother Sho, until he suddenly disappeared. Kayin then entered the first Toshinden tournament to avenge his father's recent death, who he learned had been killed by a participant who won the previous tournament. He eventually learned that Sho was the perpetrator and his friendship with Eiji was nearly shattered because of this.

Kayin was then forced to enter the second tournament after his adoptive daughter, Naru, was kidnapped by the Secret Society. At the end of the event, he managed to help bring down the fall of the Secret Society and rescue Naru. However, he then discovered that they were being targeted by the Organization. He participated in the third tournament hosted by it and managed to help destroy the Organization. However, he realized that Naru would always be in danger because of him and he decided to leave her in a housing institute. He handed down his Excalibur sword to her and then disappeared.

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Battle Arena Toshinden



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Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Battle Arena Toshinden 3

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Page Updated:  Apr. 26th, 2024

Back in the 90's, many fighting games developers thought it was a really really good idea to "stick to the formula". That's why it wasn't surprising to see another "Ken Masters look-alike", to contrast the brown-haired hero, in Toshinden. Obviously, Eiji was the protagonist... "the Ryu". Check for the brown hair and the headband, that's a must! In fairness, Kayin was wearing something other than a Karate uniform, and his outfit looked cool at the time. In fact, Kayin still looks cool now. Gotta admit he's a character design that aged pretty well... although he never got much time to develop.

I remember Kayin had some pretty cool moves that set him apart from Eiji and other "shoto-like" characters in Toshinden. Kayin was a "safe" character design for the series, but one that was memorable in some ways.


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