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Eiji Shinjo
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Eiji is an adventurer who was trained in sword fighting, along with his friend Kayin, by his older brother Sho. However, Sho suddenly abandoned the pair. Eiji then entered the first two Toshinden tournaments in hopes of finding his lost brother, to no avail, although he managed to help destroy the Secret Society in the latter. He then learned he was being targeted by the Organization and he entered the third tournament hosted by it. With the help of the fighters on his side, he managed to destroy the Organization and its leader Abel. Soon after, Sho finally faced Eiji and left his son Subaru in his care. However, before Eiji had a chance to fully reunite with his brother, he disappeared immediately afterwards once again.

Eiji trained Subaru in sword fighting and eventually passed down his katana to him. He was then offered to become the leader of a new criminal organization named the Gerard Foundation. He accepted, hoping to dismantle it from within. With the help of the altered humans Eos and Zero, he hosted and participated in the fourth tournament to gather the Four Sacred Arms; powerful, mystical weapons based on the four symbols of the Chinese constellations.
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Battle Arena Toshinden



Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Battle Arena Toshinden 3, Battle Arena Toshinden 4

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Page Updated:  Apr. 28th, 2024

Being a fighting game protagonist in the 90's? You should probably be male, have brown hair, and wear a headband... just to be safe. lol. Clearly, Eiji debuted as "the Ryu" of Battle Arena Toshinden and appropriately presented a "straight-forward" moveset which highlighted the most staple aspects of the gameplay engine. While not particularly exciting, at first, Eiji's original attire was pretty memorable and distinguished him from other fighting game protagonists, at the least. Over the course of the series, Eiji developed fairly well and always remained one of the coolest and most likeable Toshinden characters.

A very underrated part of Eiji's design... his "older" white haired version in Toshinden 4 looks ridiculously godlike! Toshinden 4 wasn't the best game, but damn was Eiji's redesign badass! Overall, he could be more fleshed out as a character, but Eiji has all the fundamentals of a proper fighting game hero.

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