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Replicant (Repli) is robotic copy of Sho Shinjo created by Ronron. Replicant was supposed to be the prototype in a series of battle androids meant for law enforcement. However, it was stolen by Wolf: Ronron's superior, and reprogrammed into becoming a ruthless killing machine. Eventually, Replicant would meet its end at the hands of the real Sho Shinjo, who easily defeated the android. Replicant only appears in Battle Arena Toshinden URA, the Sega Saturn version of Toshinden 2 a sub-bossand unlockable hidden character.


Battle Arena Toshinden 2




Page Updated:  Oct. 29th, 2020

Sho is yet another fighting game character to get the "evil version" treatment. Not surprised, since Sho was always a cool character. Quick shoutouts to Evil Ryu, Violent Ken, Devil Jin, Orochi Iori & Wild Daigo... Just for fun. As a design, there's not much going on with Replicant. Just a "darker" version of Sho... nothing more, nothing less (well, maybe less personality). Kinda cool I guess, but the design was definitely underused.

So Replicant was "easily defeated "by the real Sho? Looks like he's named RepliCANT for a reason. Heh... heh heh.

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