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Wolf made his first and only appearance in the Sega Saturn version of Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (URA), as an unlockable hidden character. Wolf is Ronron's superior who overlooked her progress from within the Toshinhei project and helped her with the creation of the Replicant prototype android. However...Wolf had a true agenda behind the scenario and stole the Replicant prototype unit, using it to dispose of famous martial artists around the world. Wolf's sole purpose is that he wishes to create an army of Replicant androids to use in conquering the world and he'll eliminate anyone who stands in his way. Eventually, Wolf would be killed by Ripper from within the events of Toshinden URA.


Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (Saturn version)




Page Updated:  Oct. 29th, 2020

Were you looking for Wolf from Virtua Fighter and accidentally clicked this profile? Or did you actually play the Sega Saturn version of Battle Arena Toshinden 2 - the only place this guy ever appeared. ^o^

His color scheme is a bit odd... but something about Wolf is pretty cool. His appearance fits with the look of Toshinden characters like Eiji, Kayin & Sho. And Wolf has that mystique of being a hidden character a system-exclusive hidden character at that. If he was given a chance, I think he could've developed into a more memorable character. 

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