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Siba is from a prototype character from the original Virtua Fighter but he was cut from the roster before the game's official release. However, an icon featuring him (and mislabeled as "Akira") actually appears on the original Virtua Fighter arcade cabinets. His original name was discovered as "Majido" in the game's original code. Siba finally debuted as a playable character in Fighters Megamix.

Siba is an Arab who wears a white and purple outfit. He wields a sword which seems to be charged with green energy. In Fighters Megamix, Siba is unlocked by defeating the Bosses section. His stage is based on Wolf's "desert" stage from Virtua Fighter 3.

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Page Updated:  Apr. 19th, 2023

I distinctly remember seeing Siba in the original Virtua Fighter cabinet artwork when I was a kid, and it always bewildered me because I never saw him in the actual game... I later concluded it was an error (or a very well-kept secret), because I played the hell out of VF1 and never ran into Siba. lol. >.< 

Anyhow, it's cool that they actually brought Siba back in Fighters Megamix... but in actuality, he's a pretty generic design at the end of the day. He doesn't have many unique or interesting moves either. In any case, it's interesting that more interesting Middle Eastern characters like Shaheen and Rashid eventually came along,(20+ years after Siba's debut). In Bandai Namco's case, since they have a major history in the 3D fighting genre... I truly believe the TEKKEN Team created Shaheen with the "spirit" of Siba directly in mind. Your move, Sega! *crickets for another 10 years*

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