Fighters Megamix
A Sega Saturn exclusive 3D fighting game, Fighters Megamix features 32 playable characters spanning a variety of Sega franchises. The roster includes the entire rosters Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, with 10 additional unlockable characters from various other Sega games. The classic VF and FV characters were given some new moves in Fighters Megamix, and the VF characters even have some of their moves from the recently released Virtua Fighter 3. A raw Sidestep maneuver also enhances the gameplay, making Fighters Megamix feel more 3D than the likes of VF2 or Fighting Vipers. A new Air Recovery mechanic also enables character to escape air combos.

That bottom row brings the LOLz.

Fighters Megamix
was one of Sega Saturn's most exciting fighting games upon its arrival, boasting one of the largest and most colorful character rosters ever seen. Along with a cool, extra long intro, Megamix features your standard console modes: Arcade, Survival, Team Battle, Training, and a cool "Extra Options" menu where you can listen to BGMs, character voices, etc. Instead of the typical 1-player Arcade Mode, Fighters Megamix offers several different ladders of varied opponents: Novice Trial, Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, Girls, Muscle, Smart Guys, Dirty Fighters, Bosses, and Secrets. Along with the unique setup for Arcade Mode, I found Survival Mode to be particularly fun as well... especially since there are so many different and random characters to run into.

Battles are traditional 1-on-1, and stages range from caged rings (straight from Fighting Vipers) to wide open environments - comparable to TEKKEN 1 and 2 stages. The large stage variety is an impressive aspect of game, and even adds some nostalgia for fans who recognize backgrounds from earlier Sega fighting games. The gameplay of Fighters Megamix feels faster than VF2, especially thanks to the new Sidestep mechanic and Air Recovery technique.

VF versus FV!

Graphically, Megamix falls short of VF2 on the Sega Saturn due to the lower-resolution and inferior textures, but overall it still looks pretty good for a Saturn game. The animation is definitely one of the game's strong points, as all characters have an impressive variety of special moves and throw techniques. FUN FACT: Fighters Megamix introduced gameplay mechanics and moves that would later be used in Virtua Fighter 3 (which was initially planned for release on Sega Saturn but was later canceled).

The massive character roster, thanks to the inevitable crossover between Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers, make Fighters Megamix a must-have for any Sega Saturn owner. Although, I have to say many of the bonus characters are pretty ridiculous and borderline dumb... a giant bean in a sombrero, and the cars from Daytona USA? Some of these goofy characters definitely kill the "semi-serious" vibe that the game starts out with. Nonetheless, it's cool to see Sega thinking outside of the box and trying something humorous. At least there are some decent "non-joke" special characters like Janet from Virtua Cop and Siba (a mysterious VF1 character who was removed from the final game).

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Page Updated: January 25th, 2021
Developer(s): Sega-AM2
Publisher(s): Sega
Platform(s): Sega Saturn
Release Date(s): Dec. 21st, 1996       
Apr. 30th, 1997
Apr. 1997
Characters Akira Yuki, Sarah Bryant, Jacky Bryant, Kage, Lau Chan, Jeffry McWild, Wolf, Pai Chan, Shun Di, Lion Rafale, Dural, Jane, Raxel, Picky, Grace, Sanman, Bahn, Honey, Tokio, Mahler, Akira (VF Kids), Sarah (VF Kids), Janet Marshall, Bark, Bean, Kumachan, Pandachan, Rent-A-Hero, Deku, Hornet, Siba, URA Bahn

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Gameplay Engine  8.0 / 10
Story / Theme  7.5 / 10
Overall Graphics  7.5 / 10
Animation  8.5 / 10
Music / Sound Effects  7.0 / 10
Innovation  7.0 / 10
Art Direction  6.5 / 10
Customization  7.0 / 10
Options / Extras  9.0 / 10
Intro / Presentation  8.5 / 10
Replayability / Fun  8.5 / 10
"Ouch" Factor  8.0 / 10
Characters  8.0 / 10

 8.3 / 10



Final Words:

Fighters Megamix was one of the most ambitious 3D fighting games to date. Definitely ahead of its time, Fighters Megamix was a cool way to bring together the rosters of Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers in one of the first-ever "crossover" fighting games. Megamix was a unique and potentially very addicting 3D fighter that Sega Saturn owners got to enjoy. This title might've been the pinnacle of Sega fighting games... and it's pretty sad that Sega never released a sequel.

Probably one of the main things that held back Fighters Megamix was the fact that it was a Saturn exclusive. Considering how amazingly crisp Sega arcade fighting games always looked, an arcade version of the game would've likely turned out great.. I would've loved to see this game running on Sega's crispy arcade AM2 engine instead of Saturn's limited hardware. A Dreamcast sequel or remake would've been pretty swell, as well.

While not perfect in terms of gameplay, Megamix is one of those memorable console fighting game gems. Perhaps Megamix is most infamous for some of the ridiculous comical (and perhaps half-hearted) unlockable characters like Hornet - the Daytona racing car. Sega really went all out in the humor department. If only they took this game seriously (and released a sequel or two). It's not too late, y'know... Do it Sega!
~TFG Webmaster | @FIGHTERS_GEN