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Jacky Bryant is a race car driver that debuted in the original Virtua Fighter. He fights using Bruce Lee's incredibly versatile Jeet Kune Do style, allowing him a few of Bruce Lee's actual techniques that he chose to perfect during his lifetime. The most important aspect of Jacky's game are his combos, which can be utilized to repeatedly strike and inflict massive damage. He also seems to have a brash and confident attitude.

The eldest son of the Bryant family, Jacky is Sarah's older brother. He maintains his cool in every situation. Those on the Indy racing circuit call him the Blue Flash. Jacky was seriously injured in an accident in the 1990 Indianapolis 500, and spent two years in a grueling rehabilitation program. Just when his injury had healed, he discovered the existence of the mystery group behind the accident. At the same time, his sister Sarah disappeared. Jacky's battle began as he pursued the trail of the group who held the key to these mysteries.
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Virtua Fighter

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Page Updated:  Mar. 13th, 2024

Jacky has always been a "memorable" character from the VF series. He's had his fair share of terrible outfits throughout the series... but in fairness, he has a few alright ones too. In short, it seems like Jacky has been forever stuck in the early 90's... right alongside his ancient one-liner..... "I'm faster than lightning." lol. *sigh* Poor Jacky... he really does need some new lines.

Also, why does Jacky sound like a horrible announcer from a game that I never want to hear again?? ^___^; That's Jacky for ya... in all his obnoxious glory. On a positive note, Jacky is best known for his fighting style and flashy kicks. His evolving moveset in VF5 (and later) is quite dynamic and fun to use. Jacky's animations and hard-hitting attacks are definitely a strong point of his design. He's an asshole, but he knows how to fight! 

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