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A female being, Dural is the main antagonist of the Virtua Fighter series. Dural is a technological development from the Judgement 6 Syndicate which kidnapped Sarah and killed Kage's father. She was previously a human woman named Tsukikage. She was a Kunoichi and Kage-Maru's mother. When the mysterious corporation J6 (Judgement 6) noticed her exemplary fighting ability and resilient body, they captured her and used her as their prototype for their terrifying Dural project. Arming her body with various cybernetic enhancements and brainwashing, she became a cyborg, immune to feeling. Her fighting technique comes from a master who mastered all of the known martial arts. The Syndicate which created and controls Dural organizes the World Fighting Tournament, though why they do is still a mystery.
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Virtua Fighter


Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Fighter 3, Virtua Fighter 4, Virtua Fighter Kids, Virtua Fighter Remix, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, Virtua Fighter 5, VF5 R, VF5: Final Showdown, VF5: Ultimate Showdown, Fighters Megamix

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Page Updated:  May 30th, 2021

I think the original concept of Dural was simply to show off Sega's 3D graphical capabilities back in the day. Indeed, Dural resembles an unfinished 3D model of a character... but she looked cool, graphically, in all of the games. In VF2, Dural was a particularly memorable boss - as the player had to fight her "underwater" in arcade mode. Random, yes... but a unique concept for a fighting game. Besides, what martial artist doesn't practice their kicks underwater? ;)

As a design, visually, Dural never really developed. Dural has zero personality, no facial expressions, and an average moveset for most of the series. (She did get some cool moves in VF5, however.) Dural is a memorable fighting game boss for sure, but definitely not one of the most interesting or charismatic. Worth mentioning, many fighting game bosses eventually become default selectable characters... but not Dural. Perhaps that's for a reason? For one, she would look awkwardly out of place on the VF character selection screen. I think deep down, the VF dev-team also knows Dural doesn't really fit in with the VF cast... but they've kept her in the game for nostalgia purposes.

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