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Zasalamel was originally born into a Sumerian tribe formed hundreds or thousands of years ago in charge of protecting the holy sword, Soul Calibur, embedded with the knowledge that wielding such power was forbidden. This strict edict existed to prevent the holy sword from being used for personal gain. Zasalamel, young and talented in both mind and body, was angered by this edict's failure to create a loophole that would allow the tribe to use the weapon in case a crisis were to occur.

To destroy this foolish tradition, he prepared to take the sword into his own hands, but the tribe discovered his plans, and then proceeded to crush his arm and exile him from the tribe as punishment. Zasalamel was stricken with bitterness and despair, leading him to the pursuit of ancient knowledge, particularly the art of reincarnation. Finding this secret art which many had sought and failed to obtain within knowledge thought to have been lost long ago, he spent many years studying and training until the power became his own. However, he could not have anticipated the cost of such knowledge; for every time he died, he experienced a nihilistic feeling as if sinking into hell, and a pain as if his body were being ground into dust. He had distorted the laws of causality set down by the gods and he had torn off the shackles of time.

In exchange for obtaining eternal life, Zasalamel had lost peaceful death. He reincarnated repeatedly over many generations, gradually losing the initial joy as his existence waned and the pain of death increased. Any enthusiasm he felt for living was gone many lifetimes ago, but he could never escape the eternal circle of reincarnation. During one of his lives, he had taken possession of Soul Edge in hopes of using it to commit suicide and be freed from reincarnation once and for all; but he ended up a servant of the sword and bonded with the sword until the last of that life faded.

In this current incarnation, he turned his hope to the Soul Calibur and returned to his birthplace to take the spirit sword back. But when he reached his homeland, the tribe was gone and the site was emptied without a trace of anything that had happened. Zasalamel tracked the whereabouts of the Soul Edge by following closely the massacres caused by the Evil Seed and Nightmare, learning that the Soul Calibur had finally reappeared as it was destined to whenever the Soul Edge became too powerful. He hoped that he may be able to obtain both of them at once; but unfortunately, the Soul Edge had lost half of its body and become sealed, and the Soul Calibur had been infected by evil, gradually losing its strength. In order to revive the Soul Edge, he lent his power to its will.

Zasalamel resurrected the dead armor of the azure knight, Nightmare; and in order to aid Nightmare and increase the Soul Edge's power, he needed to create conflict within the mind of Siegfried Schtauffen, the possessor of both swords, by searching out survivors of Nightmare's carnage and directing them toward Siegfried. He figured that the strong hatred and hostility these surviving few bore would be enough to shatter Siegfried's will; and if the Soul Edge grew in power, the Soul Calibur would regain its strength as well, as told in the legends of Zasalamel's former tribesmen. After spreading his influence, Zasalamel lurks in the background, waiting for Siegfried's mind to be shattered; and when it is, Zasalamel will be ready to take advantage of the situation and steal both swords, hopefully to use this ultimate power in accomplishing his final death.
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Soul Calibur 3



Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition, Soul Calibur 4, Soul Calibur 6, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

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Page Updated:  Oct. 21st, 2023

Ahh Zasalamel... what is up with your name? lol. How can you not sound funny trying to say his name? lol. Anyhow, there are some cool elements about Zasa's design. His Scythe-based fighting style is unique to the Soul series and very well done overall. He's got some brutal and hard-to-read moves... making him a tough opponent.

To be honest, his English voice irritated me a bit in Soul Calibur 3... but they fixed it up in Soul 4. They also changed up Zasa's appearance in SC4, and overall... I prefer his SC4 attire over his original Assassin's Creed-inspired get-up. For whatever reason, he was never a character I really enjoyed using... but I personally like fighting against him more than anything else. Bring it on big guy!

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