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Arina is a normal student who likes to hang out with her friends. Hoping to find herself a "wonderful boyfriend", she joins the search for the Waku Waku balls. In her ending, the fairy of the balls pairs her up with Rai, something that Arina particularly despises. Her official nickname is "The Romping Fiery Girl" and she's associated with the orange Waku Waku ball, making her a citrine.


Waku Waku 7

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Page Updated:  Aug. 3rd, 2023

Arina is probably the single most memorable and popular character to come out of Waku Waku 7 (and that's actually saying something)! Her visual design is somewhat simple but aesthetically pleasing, as her bright blue bodysuit and white jacket really catch the eyes. She's got some pretty cool and likeable animations, as well.

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