Waluigi and Smoke (MK3)

Yes, I'm marking this one INTENTIONAL... 100%. We all know you Nintendo developers were playing Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in the mid 90s like the rest of us. This render of Waluigi from Super Mario Strikers (2005) is totally trying to be on the UMK3 character selection screen. Waluigi is a clone... Smoke is a clone... it all works out. "Wahahahahahaaa"... C'mon, both dudes are even wearing the same outfit, practically. Now someone input some funny secret code on that MK3 versus screen to make Waluigi playable in Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Mugen Edition, he'd fit in perfectly.


The Mask & G Alt Color 14

Dozens of alternate character colors in Street Fighter V are references to other characters. I'm glad that became a trend in fighting games. One of G's alternate colors, "Color 14", is one of the most blatantly obvious ones in the game... especially for those of us who grew up watching bad / yet-still-good movies like The Mask starring Jim Carrey. The Ace Ventura kids know what's up. I remember watching AV2 on opening night. But I digress.  I'd say this alternate color is not one of G's best. This color is like a low C-grade movie, like The Mask. On an unrelated (or possibly related) note, shoutout to SNK's The Mask.


Rita Repulsa & Juri Han

Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers and Juri Han both want to rule the universe. They both have scratchy, semi-annoying voices, as well. And perhaps even a similar color scheme in some instances? I'm pretty sure Capcom developers did take some inspiration from Repulsa for Juri's design. On that note, it would be pretty cool to see Juri versus Rita Repulsa in a fighting game. Battle For The Grid DLC?


Super Mario & Franco Bash

Franco Bash from SNK's Real Bout Fatal Fury series and Super Mario from every damn game he's in. Bright-ass overalls... check. Mustache... check. I'm pretty sure Franco Bash was Mario's boxing coach at one point in the mid 90's. That's how Mario learned to punch in Super Smash Bros? Ohh yeah, he was already punching on the N64. In any case, I'm sorry that you'll never unsee this likeness now.



It's official... TEKKEN 7 and Lucky Chloe are trendsetters. Influencers. Asian trends of recent times have drifted West. I'm really not sure when futuristic "Cat Ear Headphones" became so trendy, but in any case... check out these facts. Lucky Chloe debuted in TEKKEN 7 in early 2015. The photo of Brookstone's Cat Ear Headphones (yes, they're real and I bought a pair for my wife) was taken in Winter 2015 in the U.S.A. These headphones were advertised in the very front of Brookstone stores during the 2015 holiday season. Not to mention... that catgirl on the box really looks like Lucky Chloe. It's uncanny!

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