Friday, July 23rd, 2021 

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Goldlewis Dickinson Starter Guide


Following the reveal of Guilty Gear STRIVE's first DLC character, Arc System Works uploaded an official starter guide for newcomer Goldlewis Dickinson on YouTube. The 6-minute video (below) offers a full demonstration of Goldlewis's moveset and unique abilities he brings to the game. For starters, his "Behemoth Typhoon" (performed with a half-circle motion in any direction) is a special move with 8 different variations. Goldlewis swings his hefty Area 51 coffin at a different trajectory depending on where the half-circle motion input begins. If you plan on learning (or fighting against) Goldlewis when he joins GGST next week, give this video a watch and keep it handy for reference!

Once again, Goldlewis joins Guilty Gear -STRIVE- on July 27th for Season Pass holders (July 30th for everyone else). Below, take another look at the Season Pass 1 Roadmap and official character art for Goldlewis Dickinson.



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 Source:  Arc System Works (Twitter)(YouTube)            Related Tweet: @Fighters_Gen

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