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King of Fighters 15 Team Ikari Story Details


Team Ikari, based on SNK's Ikari Warriors series, has been a mainstay in the KOF saga since the very beginning. On the official KOF 15 website, SNK just shared the written storyline details for Team Ikari consisting of Ralf Jones, Clark Still, and Leona Heidern. Having been comrades for a very long time, the trio have decades of history together and have even crossed over into SNK's Metal Slug universe. (In case you hadn't noticed, KOF 15 even has a Metal Slug-themed stage!) On that note, it would be the perfect opportunity for SNK to incorporate the Metal Slug universe into KOF 15's storyline somehow... but that remains to be seen.

Anyhow, Team Ikari's official story reveals Heidern to be in charge (yet again) and he also has some new intel to share with everyone. According to high-level and top-secret data... we hear KOF14 boss Verse will indeed reappear in KOF15. Spoiler alert? (I dunno man... it's right there in the official storyline.) You can read the entire thing by clicking here or following the link in SNK's tweet, below.

In related news, the open beta for The King of Fighters XV kicks off this weekend on PS4 and PS5. SNK also posted movelists for all 8 playable characters in the upcoming beta (Nov. 19th-20th), which is currently available to download.
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