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Morrigan & Felicia Darkstalkers Kotobukiya Statues Preview, Mai Shiranui KOF '98 Shunya Yamashita Art


Today, Kotobukiya shared some brand new preview images of their upcoming Darkstalkers Bishoujo series statues for Morrigan Aensland and Felicia. Closely stylized from Shunya Yamashita's beautiful new illustration for Morrigan, we now get to see the final build of the succubus's stunning statue in full-color! Also take a look at the first 3D rendering for Felicia's statue, further down in the article. But first, let's take a look at Shunya Yamashita's brand new illustration for Mai Shiranui based on her appearance from The King of Fighters '98. Kotobukiya will be announcing additional characters for their KOF '98 series in the near future. Mai's statue is planned for release some time in 2022.


Next up, here's Felicia's 3D rendering for her statue
based on this illustration.


In addition to these image previews, Kotobukiya's official website has a cool 3D view of the Felicia model. Kotobukiya mentioned pre-orders for Felicia will open "soon".
And finally... Heeeeere's Morrigan!

[UPDATE #1] Kotobukiya posted a new behind-the-scenes video providing a closer look at the details and inspiration behind their Morrigan statue.
You can take another look at Morrigan's Shunya Yamashita illustration inside our previous article from May 2021. [UPDATE #2] Kotobukiya announced on Twitter that the pre-order link for Morrigan is now live! Morrigan's Bishoujo statue retails for $120 and is expected to ship between April-June 2022. The official site also has additional photos and a cool 360 view of the Morrigan statue. 
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