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KOF '98 Athena Asamiya Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue Arrives in June 2023


Kotobukiya recently unveiled the first photos of their upcoming Athena Asamiya 'Bishoujo' statue based on her well-known appearance from The King of Fighters '98. Mirroring the iconic art style and illustration by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Takaboku Busujima, the new Athena Asamiya statue stands just under 9" tall and will retail for around $129.99. Kotobukiya will release the statue first in Japan in June 2023, and Big Bad Toy Store's recent listing says they'll be shipping the statue in July 2023. See the latest promo artwork and official photos for the upcoming statue, below.




PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: "Part of Team Psycho Soldier and the only female character to win the award for perfect attendance in every game, she has been stylized by the beloved illustrator Shunya Yamashita. Takaboku Busujima (BUSUJIMAX) will gorgeously bring her to life in her KOF 98 costume, an outfit that combines the Kung Fu uniform and Chinese dress motif with shorts."

*Note that the
base Athena is seen standing on in the photo (above) is designed to resemble the wooden deck from KOF 98's China stage! Kotobukiya's Athena Asamiya Bishoujo statue is expected to ship in June 2023 for Japan and July 2023 in North America, once again. The statue was originally announced back in February of this year when the official art by Shunya Yamashita was revealed.
Back in July, Kotobukiya showed off the first official images of their "Female Terry Bogard" statue, also arriving in Spring 2023. For more info and additional photos of the Athena statue, here's a link to the official product page via

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