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Elena PCS Statue Announced


Premium Collectibles Studio announced a gorgeous and impressive 1:4 scale Elena statue that will set hardcore collectors back a whopping $650. The Street Fighter III Capoeira icon is captured doing a stylish handstand resembling one of her recognizable win animations and taunts from the games. This master-crafted high end polystone statue stands a towering 24" tall, is 11.5" wide, and the Exclusive Edition (limited to 250 pieces) even comes with an 11x17" art print measuring by artist Edwin Huang, making for a perfect display pairing. Check out some preview photos and more info from PCS Collectibles, below.

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“Try smiling more, just like me! Smile, and all your troubles will go floating away!”

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Elena Season Pass 1:4 Scale Statue, a playful addition to your lineup of Street Fighter collectibles.

Measuring 24” high and 11.5” wide, this Street Fighter statue depicts a light-hearted and laughing Elena as she flips gleefully into her next fight. She expertly poses atop a single dock post while it sinks into a cerulean sea.

Get ready for some fun in the sun when you bring home the Elena Season Pass 1:4 Scale Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio today!

Product Size
Height: 24″
Width: 11.5″
Depth: 8″

©Capcom. Licensed for use by Premium Collectibles Studio.

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The Collectors Edition is limited to 450 pieces while the Exclusive Edition with the Edwin Huang art print is limited to only 250. So if this statue is something you need to have and you have the money right now, you might want to act fast and pre-order before they're gone.

Elena by
Premium Collectibles Studio is expected to ship between January and March 2023. For more preview photos or to pre-order, head over to or
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