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Rare SFA2 Combos by Desk


Regarded by fans as one of the most polished, fun, and competitive 2D fighters of all time, Street Fighter Alpha 2 is a beloved and influential installment in the series' 35+ year history. Even though SFA2 remains a widely-respected competitive classic, known for its unique mechanics (such as the Custom Combo system), there are still some very "broken" and jank combo possibilities that exist in the game. In certain situations, a glitch in SFA2 can lock characters in a position facing away from their opponent. Once locked, characters locked into a "back-turned" position can still hit the opponent after initiating a Custom Combo (costing some of the super meter).

World-renowned combo video creator, Desk, shows off a selection of Street Fighter Alpha 2's ridiculously-cheap (yet effective) Custom Combos using a wide variety of characters while using this particular glitch. Although these combos are situational (but could still occur in high-level competitive play), Desk's "backwards" combo exhibition below is a great study on the subject, and no doubt a highly-entertaining watch!

You can check out a wide variety of other amazing fighting game combo videos and skill demonstrations by Desk over on his YouTube channel.
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