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Canadian Rapper INFINITE on Creating Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Theme Song and Voiceovers


Prior to its release in May 1999, Capcom held an audition in Canada to find a rapper for three (now legendary) tracks in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike including the game's intro theme and character selection screen. Capcom ended up choosing Canadian rapper Desmond Francis, better known by his stage name "INFINITE", for the role. In a video podcast from 2020 (below), hear the Canadian rap icon reminisce about his experience working on the SFIII: 3rd Strike soundtrack. As 3rd Strike fans would know, INFINITE also recorded the main announcer voiceovers for the game consisting of over 400 words and phrases! Enjoy the short 4-minute interview with INFINITE in the video, below.

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 Sources:  Entertainment Report Podcast (YouTube)           

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