Friday, August 26th, 2022

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly and Juri Themes


Today, Capcom released the official Street Fighter 6 theme songs for the two most recently revealed characters to join the roster, Kimberly and Juri Han. Kimberly's first-ever theme song is said to reflect the newcomer's modern take on traditional ninja techniques. On Juri's side of things, Capcom had this to say regarding her Street Fighter 6 tune: "Like a spider, trapping her prey in a web of allure, Juri's Theme will hypnotize even the strongest of wills. Listen if you dare." Without further ado, have a listen to both SF6 character themes via Street Fighter's YouTube channel.


For your convenience and listening pleasure, below are official video links to all Street Fighter 6 theme songs released
thus far!


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 Source:  Street Fighter (YouTube)    

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