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Street Fighter 6 Onitsuka Tiger Collaboration


Capcom Japan announced a Street Fighter 6 Onitsuka Tiger collaboration revealing awesome new promotional artwork of Kimberly and Chun-Li created by Tamio (below). Back in 2019, Capcom and Onitsuka Tiger launched their first Street Fighter collaboration featuring artwork of Chun-Li alongside matching shoe designs that actually went on sale. The apparel and clothing company announced a special 2022 T-shirt design printed with these fresh character illustrations. Founded in Japan in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger is known for their classic athletic shoes and accessories designed with a unique, retro style. Take a look at Tamio's stunning new Street Fighter 6 character artwork below!


Within these 2022 Street Fighter 6 Onitsuka Tiger collaboration artworks, you'll see Kimberly wearing Onitsuka Tiger's "DELECITY" model sneakers while Chun-Li dons the "MEXICO 66" style. Onitsuka Tiger announced they will be selling a special T-shirt printed with Tamio's Kimberly and Chun-Li art on the back along with the snazzy Street Fighter style Onitsuka Tiger collaboration logo on the front.

In addition, Onitsuka Tiger will be releasing an original visual "collaboration item" depicting Chun-Li and Kimberly drawn by Thai cartoonist Wisut Ponnimit. Capcom and Onitsuka Tiger confirmed this will be released in the first half of 2023. A real treat for art enthusiasts who enjoy chibi / cute style! Are we hype for Street Fighter 6 yet?

Now let's take a look back at the nostalgic Street Fighter 6 Onitsuka Tiger collaboration 2019 artwork (below) featuring Chun-Li in her iconic Street Fighter Alpha attire. The sneakers Chun-Li is seen wearing in the illustration, based on her fan-favorite SFA outfit, are the actual shoes that went on sale during the collaboration a few years back. The Street Fighter style Onitsuka Tiger logo remains unchanged in the new 2022 T-shirt.

The release date for the 2022 Street Fighter 6 Onitsuka Tiger apparel and whether or not there will be color options available is currently unconfirmed. Please stay tuned on The Fighters Generation for updates and continued coverage.

~Frank Joseph, | @Fighters_Gen


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