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Street Fighter 6 Leaked Concept Art Reveals 22 Characters, Possibly the Game's Initial Roster


*SPOILER ALERT!* We don't go around looking for leaks... but thanks to social media, this one pretty much fell on our lap. Just hours following the insanely hype Street Fighter 6 gameplay reveal trailer, official-looking concept illustrations of new (and returning) characters, along with their respective country flags, began circulating online. Judging from the quality and accuracy of this artwork, it's possible that we now know at least 22 characters who will be joining Street Fighter 6. (Although this is unconfirmed by Capcom, obviously.) However, for starters, Luke and Jamie's concept illustrations below look to be completely in line with their final renderings in SF6... 

If you're wondering about the legitimacy of this leak, the muscular female Muay Thai fighter above actually appears in the Street Fighter 6 gameplay reveal trailer, showing up on one of the signs in downtown Metro City (as seen in the snapshot below). Similar to Luke, Jamie, Chun-Li, and Ryu... the female Muay Thai fighter's concept illustration appears to match her "final" version very closely. Big thanks to @Kamenrider_Afr0 for the screencap (below).

All this to say... if you're absolutely sure you don't mind spoilers... and want to see what might be the remaining roster for Street Fighter 6, continue scrolling down to view official concept illustrations for 22 fighters slated to appear in the game in 2023. Because... next up, we've got flashy new designs for Cammy White, Dee Jay, Rashid, and Juri Han!

Above are four Street Fighter 6 newcomers who we currently know nothing about (besides the country they're from), including an African American girl named "Kimberly" who was actually teased very briefly in the gameplay reveal trailer. To confirm the authenticity of this concept artwork (yet again), below is the official teaser screenshot of Kimberly from the trailer. Once again, the concept artwork matches her final appearance to a T.

Moving on... we can see some classic and iconic World Warriors in the concept illustrations below, including: Ryu, Ken Masters, Zangief, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, and Akuma all with gorgeously updated appearances. Some observant fans have pointed out that Ryu appears to be wearing Oro's cape, which will likely be further explained in his Street Fighter 6 storyline. Interestingly, there are currently no SF6 characters who got their start in the Street Fighter Alpha or Street Fighter III series.

To state the obvious, concept art alone does NOT confirm playable characters. While some of these characters have indeed been "confirmed" by in-game images or otherwise, these 22 fighters being on the roster hasn't been confirmed by Capcom (and likely won't be for quite some time). It's unfortunate that this leak occurred so quickly after the game's first major gameplay trailer, but hopefully this leak will only further excite Street Fighter and fighting game fans and increase their anticipation for the epic character reveal trailers to come.

It should also be noted that this leaked concept artwork is very much in line with an earlier Street Fighter 6 information leak (via a source that will remain unnamed). If you read the information in the screenshot below closely, you'll discover some additional details about confirmed (and unconfirmed) SF6 characters.

June 2022 will continue to be a busy month for gaming announcements, so we might not have to wait long to get more SF6 content! Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest premieres June 9th, and GamesRadar's Future Games Show will be airing on June 11th - with several world premiers and exclusive trailers debuting at both events. That said, TFG will be keeping you updated on the latest content if anything Street Fighter 6-related gets announced at upcoming events! 

Please stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more Street Fighter 6 news. The game will be releasing on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam in 2023.
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 Sources:  @NotoriousSkull@Kamenrider_Afr0           Related Tweet:  @Fighters_Gen

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