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Dee Jay
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Dee Jay is a Jamaican kickboxer who fights with musical rhythm and is known as the "Southern Comet". During the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3, he anonymously challenged and defeated Adon, who uses rival kickboxing style Muay Thai. After defeating him, Dee Jay set his sights on The God of Muay Thai, Sagat. Sagat, now a Shadaloo enforcer for M. Bison, didn't take the cheerful Jamaican seriously. Dee Jay managed to defeat Sagat, adding to Sagat's losing streak at the time. After Dee Jay's victory over Sagat, M. Bison took an interest in him and offered him a position in Shadaloo, but Dee Jay refused. After the tournament, Dee Jay returned to Jamaica and created some new music that was inspired from his earlier battles. His new tunes caught the ear of a record producer, who eventually offered Dee Jay a record deal.

By the time of Super Street Fighter II, Dee Jay was a music sensation. He entered the second World Warrior tournament to find some new rhythm for his next album. How far he got in tournament is unknown, but he did find the rhythm he was looking for and his new record was a smash hit.
In Street Fighter IV, Dee Jay was feeling restless, so he took a break from music to test his fighting abilities by participating in S.I.N.'s tournament. During the tournament, Dee Jay met Rufus, whom he found to have interesting "rhythm" in his voice and belly. He didn't do much else during the tournament, but he was seen fighting one of the Seth dolls.
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Super Street Fighter 2

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Page Updated:  Dec. 8th, 2023

Sportin' his trademark smile and cool kickboxing fighting style, Dee Jay was an immediately likeable character in Super SF2 and became an instant classic for the series. When Dee Jay debuted in SSF2 in 1993, I was 10 years old, and I suddenly had the urge to visit Jamaica in real life. XD Yeah, I was vibin' with Dee Jay's stage and theme song like all the other SF2 fans in 1993. One thing I always loved about Dee Jay is that fact that he's smiling and having fun... reminding us at the arcade to so the same, win or lose.

It was awesome to see Dee Jay finally return in SFA3 many years later with a new / edited sprite... Dee Jay looked great in Alpha 3! (Too bad he didn't appear in the arcade version, a true shame.) Dee Jay's later return in Super Street Fighter IV appearance was also well done, although his face looks kinda weird in that 3D game. Still, Capcom did a great job bringing his classic moveset to the 2.5D engine. Dee Jay is one of the simpler designs of the Street Fighter series, but his straight-forward, honest fighting style was always fun to use and fun to watch.

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