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Street Fighter 6 New Gameplay Shows Battle Damage, Guile's Anti-Air Sonic Hurricane


While the recent Capcom Showcase stream unfortunately didn't reveal anything new for Street Fighter 6, over in Japan, Capcom TV aired a 3 hour special livestream on June 15th featuring some of the games from the Capcom Showcase including Street Fighter 6. Capcom TV's stream was actually the first-ever broadcast showing live SF6 gameplay from Japan, which included some new Guile footage worth checking out. Observant fans have pointed out some new details we previously didn't know about, including "battle damage" appearing on characters' faces after a match (seen in Guile's win pose during the stream). Additionally, Guile's new anti-air Sonic Hurricane Super Art was revealed during the broadcast.

Capcom TV's stream also showed some footage of Capcom Fighting Collection at the beginning of the stream (around the 30 minutes mark). The new Street Fighter 6 gameplay starts at 1:15:10... and the new Guile footage begins as 1:36:07 in the archive below.


Here's a short clip of Guile's anti-air Sonic Hurricane courtesy of @HiFightTH.

In related news... on Twitter, Capcom revealed Guile's iconic Sonic Boom will have new properties in Street Fighter 6, including a "just-frame" version requiring perfect timing. In fact, when Guile performs this version of his Sonic Boom, he yells "Perfect!" instead of "Sonic Boom!". This perfect-input version of the move results in a faster projectile over the normal version and enables new combo possibilities, as demonstrated in Capcom's video, below.

Worth mentioning... Luke also has a version of his projectile move where he yells "Perfect!". While it's not 100% confirmed at this point that Luke has a just-frame version of his projectile attack, it's strongly speculated that other characters in Street Fighter 6 will also have just-frame versions of their special moves. Please stay tuned on Fighters Generation for continued Street Fighter 6 coverage.

~Frank Joseph, | @Fighters_Gen


 Sources:  Capcom TV (YouTube)@StreetFighter@HiFightTH   

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