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Street Fighter 6 Rollback Netcode / Crossplay Confirmed, New Gameplay & Details Roundup!


The latest Street Fighter 6 details and gameplay have been pouring in over the past week... and especially in the past 24 hours! It's only been a week and a half since Capcom debuted SF6's gameplay reveal trailer, and there's already a playable demo version available (at the live Summer Games Fest event) that some lucky few have gotten their hands on. To catch up on the very latest, here's some newly confirmed information. For starters, Rollback Netcode and Crossplay (between PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X|S, & PC) have been confirmed for Street Fighter 6. Additionally, Capcom also clarified, "The rollback will not be the same as SFV". While more details are coming in, enjoy some brand new gameplay footage and early impressions from several excellent YouTubers...

Maximilian Dood covers the basic mechanics of Street Fighter 6 and gives his early impressions of the parry system, Drive System, the game's neutral, and runs through some basic combos for each of the characters. And if you're a sucker for quality, you can enjoy Max's video in full 4K and 60fps!

Arekkz Gaming posted a video demonstrating all Supers & Super Arts for the 4 playable characters available in the early demo version. As we confirmed in our previous article for Guile's reveal trailer, characters in Street Fighter 6 will have access to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 super moves. When HP is low, Super Arts change to Critical Arts.

Theory Fighter also posted 8 minutes of Street Fighter 6 gameplay with a focus on learning the game's parrying system. There's a lot to unpack here!

French SoulCalibur world champion Kayane posted her own Street Fighter 6 video with some high quality footage along with her early impressions.


In Street Fighter 6, characters enter "Burnout" state when their Drive gauge is depleted (which will slowly regenerate over time). On Twitter, @mionzinhos notes how Chun-Li's stance change while in the "Burnout" state is a reference to her original SF2 stance. Interesting!

As pointed out by @sephi22 on Twitter, Chun-Li's pose on the Street Fighter 6 character selection screen is a direct homage to an iconic piece of artwork by Kinu Nishimura! It's amazing that Capcom is packing so much awesome fan service and references into Street Fighter 6, especially this early!

@SaikyoKugen on Twitter shared some Street Fighter 6 victory screens for Chun-Li, Ryu, Jamie, and Luke. In addition to reading some character-specific win quotes, these screens provide a look at SF6's rematch menu options, which include quick access for changing characters, stage, and match settings.

Street Fighter 6 world champion Alex Valle also weighs in to discuss SF6's parry mechanic. As you can see in the video, the button for parry can be held down to absorb multiple hits. This has much easier execution than SFIII's parry system requiring players to "tap forward / down" at the moment of the opponent's attack.

In the Twitter video above, Vincenzo Lettera demonstrates how Jamie lets down his long hair after consuming four drinks. Every time Jamie takes a sip of his flask, he goes up one level and gains new skills. At the fourth level,
with his hair down, he becomes a beast!

Earlier this week, Capcom revealed SF6's "Game Face" feature allowing players to change their character's facial expression on the versus screen. Above are Chun-Li's four facial expressions, courtesy of @wolfgangxo. Ryu appears unamused.

Next up... Jamie's four Game Face expressions on the versus screen posted by @misodiru. His second one is definitely YouTube-thumbnail worthy for any kind of reaction video. lol.

Street Fighter 6's presentation quality is unprecedented and by far the more polished of the series. As @emezie points out in the video above, all characters have two completely different versions of their "intro walk" animations during the versus screen cinematic!

Last but definitely not least... Capcom shared a Twitter video yesterday revealing the first-ever taunt animations in the game. Luke mockingly shouting "Hadouken" while performing his own take of Ryu's iconic special move is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a Street Fighter game. SF6 definitely has plenty of personality and humor to go around. Can't wait to see more!

*More videos and information will be added to this article this weekend... as news and details are still coming in. As a reminder, the Capcom Showcase stream will also likely be revealing more SF6 goodness on Monday, June 13th! Please keep it here on
Fighters Generation for more upcoming Street Fighter 6 news and content.
~Frank Joseph, | @Fighters_Gen


 Sources:  Maximilian DoodTheory FighterKayaneAlex ValleArekkz Gaming@mionzinhos, @sephi22, @letterav, @SaikyoKugen, @emezie, @wolfgangxo, @misodiru, @StreetFighter

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