Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

Capcom Showcase Airs June 13th


Capcom USA announced an upcoming "Capcom Showcase" livestream event which will air next Monday on June 13th, 2022 (3:00pm PT). The show will run about 35 minutes and will dive deeper into details and news regarding recently announced titles. Curiously, Capcom didn't specifically mention that Street Fighter 6 will be appearing on the stream, but considering the insane hype surrounding the game right now, it wouldn't make much sense if Capcom didn't reveal something new for SF6. In addition, we can also expect more details and footage for Resident Evil 4 Remake also announced during last week's State of Play presentation.

In addition to airing on Capcom USA's Twitch and YouTube channels, Capcom also mentioned that you'll be able to watch the stream via several official co-streamers, including Gamespot, IGN, and others. Keep it here on Fighters Generation for full coverage of the event along with any new announcements next week!

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Street Fighter 6 Music Video

The bangin' hip-hop track that serves as Street Fighter 6's main theme song now has an official music video. Premiering on Rolling Stone's Twitch channel earlier today, the music video for "Not on the Sidelines" was produced by GRP and directed by Ross Harris.

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The official Street Fighter Twitter account shared a video revealing new details about the Street Fighter 6 versus screen and pre-fight cinematics. In Capcom's short Twitter video, we learn the cinematic that will play before a battle will feature both characters walking towards the camera...

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