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Realistic Mai Shiranui Seamless Action Figure


Seamless action figures are becoming more and more popular... but they're definitely pricey. Take a look at Tunshi Studio's upcoming 1/6 scale Mai Shiranui action figure based on her King of Fighters '97 appearance. Releasing in Q3 2022, this "realistic" Mai figure features a fully poseable and flexible body without any noticeable seams! This Mai figure also features high quality fabric clothing, 2 different head sculpts, 6 types of hands, umbrella and fan accessories, and a stylized KOF '97 base. Check out some preview photos below and scroll further down for more details.



"After nearly one year of development, Tunshi studio will successively launch the 1/6th action figure series of The King of Fighters '97, which are truly restore the characters in the classic arcade fighting game. The figure series may take you back to your childhood memories and feel the hot-blooded arcade era.

The Second wave of figure series of The King of Fighters '97 is Mai Shiranui. With the exquisite head sculpts and special flexible seamless body, you can restore the classic fighting actions of Goddess in the game."

Product Ratio: 1/6 (Approximately 27cm Tall)

Product Materials: PVC, ABS, ALLOY, CLOTH, POM

Pre-Sale Time: 15th January, 2022- 25th February, 2022

Release date: Q3 2022


  •  2 x Interchanging Head Sculpts 

  •  6 x Pairs of Hands

  •  1 x Paper Fan

  •  1 x Umbrella

  •  1 x Fire Effect

  •  1 x Mai's Cloth

  •  1 x Base


Tunshi Studio's Mai Shiranui figure retails for $235 USD and begins shipping in Q3 2022. However, you can currently purchase the Mai figure at at a discount for $30 off ($205).

In related news, Kotobukiya recently announced their KOF '98 Mai Shiranui Bishoujo statue, which is now available for pre-order! Keep it here on Fighters Generation for more fighting game action figure news and upcoming releases.
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