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HORI Reveals PS5 Fighting Commander Pad & Stick


Today, Sony and HORI announced a new HORI Fighting Commander OCTA pad and Fightstick for PlayStation 5. HORI previously released high quality Fighting Commander pads for PS3/PS4. The new PS5 model features an easy-to-use 6-button layout, new D-Pad setup, improved ergonomics, and top-notch construction. The pad also features microswitch buttons, headset jack / onboard audio controls, adjustable D-Pad sensitivity, and customization options using the companion app. The wired connection ensures quick and accurate response time so you never miss the perfect moment to strike. The PS5 Fighting Commander pad is also compatible with PS4 and PC and will cost $60 when it releases later in 2022.

  • Top-quality components for accuracy & durability, including micro switches

  • Short Throw Analog with 8-way gate for increased accuracy & execution

  • Adjustable D-Pad sensitivity and easy-to-use 6-button layout

  • Headset input and onboard audio controls

  • Customize setting with the companion app


Additionally, HORI announced the Fighting Stick α for PlayStation 5 ($199.99). The fully featured tournament grade Fighting Stick α has brand-new replaceable artwork and the chassis opens up to access the arcade quality parts for easy customization and maintenance. 


  • Opens for easy customization and maintenance

  • Replaceable top-panel artwork

  • HAYABUSA buttons and stick lever

  • 3.5mm audio jack

  • Create custom profiles through the companion app



HORI's PS5 Fightstick is equipped with the legendary HAYABUSA lever and HAYABUSA matte finished buttons. "Take your fighting game skills to the next level and create four custom profiles through the companion app and switch between profiles on the fly with the Profile Button. The convenient on-board audio and mic controls allow for all focus on the fight." Both peripherals are officially licensed by Sony.

Once again, the HORI Fighting Commander Pad will cost $59.99 and the HORI PS5 Fightstick will set you back $199.99. Both PlayStation 5 peripherals are "coming soon" but HORI did not specify an exact release date.

For additional information or to purchase the PS5 HORI Fighting Commander pad or PS5 Fightstick when they become available, visit the official website. Keep it here on Fighters Generation for more fighting game peripheral news in 2022.
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