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Capcom Unveils Street Fighter 35th Anniversary Logo


On social media, Capcom unveiled the official logo for Street Fighter's 35th Anniversary! Believe it or not... in August of this year, the Street Fighter franchise will officially be 35 years old. With every major anniversary announcement for the Street Fighter series, beginning with its 15th, Capcom has introduced a new design to celebrate the milestone. What exciting announcements or releases will Street Fighter's 35th anniversary celebration bring? That remains to be seen... as Capcom hasn't made any major announcements regarding the series since Luke's arrival in SFV: Champion Edition. Until we have more details from Capcom, take a closer look at the official Street Fighter 35th anniversary logo, below.

Here's a look back at Street Fighter's 30th Anniversary logo (below). Time flies, huh? It's hard to believe that it's been almost 6 years since the release of Street Fighter V... with the 30th anniversary design adapting the part of SFV's main logo. 

A quick history of Capcom's past Street Fighter anniv. logos.

In prior years,
Street Fighter anniversary announcements led to the release of special collector's editions, fightsticks, gamepads, art books, animated movies, and even new game releases (or re-releases). What could Capcom have in store for Street Fighter's 35th anniversary celebration? We'll keep you updated as always. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more details and announcements in 2022!
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