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35 Street Fighter Characters Join Minecraft


It seems like Street Fighter is popping up in everything these days... one of which being the KOF: All-Star × Street Fighter collab. announced earlier this week. It's like the 90's all over again! (Sort of, but not really.) Just announced, Minecraft's new collaboration with Street Fighter brings a whopping 35 combatants into the Minecraft world (no doubt the number being an homage to the series' 35th Anniversary). Impressively, the "World Warrior skin pack" features 35 series icons in their SFV threads, charmingly blocky like their PS1 days (but not nearly as good).   Several newcomers from SFV: Champion Edition even made the cut — including Season 5's final character, Luke. Character Creator items include Ryu's headband and Vega's claws, as well as a free V shirt. The World Warrior skin pack is available at the Minecraft Marketplace now.

From Minecraft Marketplace:

"This incredible new pack from 57Digital and Capcom brings 35 of your favorite fighting characters like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li from the arcade to the Overworld and celebrates a tale of fierce feuds and formidable foes. These familiar faces have been on our screens even longer than Steve and Alex, and now you can play as one of them (or all 35!) in Minecraft. The only question now is: are you ready? Or do you need more training a trailer?"





The World Warrior skin pack can be purchased now on In related news, Capcom's announcement countdown will conclude this weekend at the CPT '21 Season Finals — which will potentially reveal a new game or possibly even *crosses fingers* Street Fighter 6. Be sure to tune in this weekend on Fighters Generation for more coverage.
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