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SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash Gets Surprise Release on Nintendo Switch, Available Now!


Back in 2020, SNK began their "NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection" by re-releasing over 10 classic NGPC games on Nintendo Switch a perfect fit and new home for the classic portable NEOGEO titles. Today, SNK announced their latest NEOGEO Pocket Color title coming to Switch... and it's one that old school NGPC fans remember fondly. A cult classic and timeless tribute to a wide variety of Capcom and SNK fighting franchises, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash (originally released in 1999) is finally available on Nintendo Switch with new options to boot! Like SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium, Card Fighters Clash was one of the original titles that kicked off the iconic "Capcom Vs. SNK" rivalry, predating the fan-favorite and historic crossover fighting games: Capcom Vs. SNK, CVS: Pro, CVS2, and SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos.



Inspired by Nintendo's Pokemon titles of the era, the original 1999 release featured two separate versions: Capcom and SNK each with subtle differences. Both versions include different playable heroes and hard-to-find exclusive cards. To collect all 300 cards in the game, players on NEOGEO Pocket originally had to trade cards with other (human) players, win card battles against other players, or own both versions of the game.


In the Nintendo Switch re-release, however, SNK has made it easy by combining both versions of the game into one convenient package. Players can now create individual save files for each version and even battle their Capcom and SNK decks against one another. Below is the official press release from SNK with more details outlining the new features of the Nintendo Switch Port, out today in the Nintendo eShop for just $7.99!


Introducing! SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS' CLASH, a white-hot card fighting game for the NEOGEO POCKET COLOR (released in 1999), is coming to Nintendo Switch!

Back then, SNK VS. CAPCOM: CARD FIGHTERS' CLASH was sold as two separate games; the SNK Cardfighter's Version and the CAPCOM Cardfighter's Version. But now, both have been combined into one game! There's nothing stopping you from collecting all the cards!

-SNK icons like Terry, Nakoruru, and Marco clash against CAPCOM legends Ryu, Chun-Li, and Mega Man in this insane card fighter!

-There are 300 cards in total, where characters from both SNK and CAPCOM appear as Character Cards for fighting, and Action Cards for support during battle. Go out there and make the strongest fighting deck in the world!

-You can trade between both the SNK and CAPCOM Cardfighters' Versions. What's more, you can even use their individual save data to have them battle each other!

*You may switch between the SNK Cardfighter's Version and CAPCOM Cardfighter's Version at any time, but each has their own save data.

*You may switch between the Japanese and English versions at any time, but each has their own save data.

*Trading between Japanese and English versions is not possible.

*The manual included in the game it is from the NEOGEO POCKET Color edition. Therefore, some of the controls may vary on Nintendo Switch.

[UPDATE] SNK released an announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch port.

Following the first title, the Card Fighters Clash series continued with the Japan-only Card Fighters Clash 2 (2001) on NEOGEO Pocket Color and Card Fighters Clash DS (2006-2007) for Nintendo DS. To the dismay of many fans overseas, the sequel never received an official English version port and was only playable via emulation. There's no word on SNK re-releasing Card Fighters Clash 2 or Card Fighters Clash DS in the future, but I'm sure many old school SNK fans have their fingers crossed.

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