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TEKKEN: Real Life Compilation by VIEL


Martial artist and stuntman Vladislav Litvinenko (A.K.A. "VIEL") is back with another TEKKEN choreography video that's worth a watch. If you're any kind of fan of TEKKEN's martial arts-based characters and animation, it's easy to appreciate the effort and skill behind Vlad's awesome live action choreography videos most just released in the past year or so. In his latest 8-minute video compilation, check out Vlad recreating the movesets and win-poses of many iconic fighters from TEKKEN. In addition to mimicking the authentic martial artists of the series, Vlad also loves to show off his comedic side, with recreations of techniques and taunts from comic-relief characters such as Kuma and Lucky Chloe.

If you enjoyed this, scroll down to check out our past articles featuring VIEL's TEKKEN videos. Also be sure to head over to VIEL's YouTube channel for more amazing martial arts choreography vids inspired from video games and movies.
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