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Bandai Namco Patent May Hint at TEKKEN 8 Tutorial Mode


While the development of TEKKEN 8 is currently unconfirmed, a new patent from Bandai Namco may suggest that a new Training / Tutorial feature is in the works for the next sequel in the 3D fighting franchise. The patent, recently published on the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Bandai Namco, looks to be a successor to TEKKEN 7's innovative "My Replay & Tips" feature introduced in Season 3, providing players with recommended counterattacks, punishments, and additional onscreen data. From the looks of it (below), this could be a great step in the right direction to help new / casual players understand and absorb the complexity of TEKKEN's defensive systems as well as teach them how to punish properly and capitalize when an opportunity arises.

The patent is said to "investigate" a player's timing when hitting buttons during combos, helping them along the way with the correct timing. This teaching system aims to assist players in developing and strengthening their muscle memory for combos and correct punishments / counterattacks. The system may also recommend certain characters to the player based on their reaction time and performance during the training.

With in-game frame data at launch and a more fleshed out tutorial, the next TEKKEN installment could end up being far more welcoming to newcomers and casual players. Bandai Namco's new patent could also prevent other fighting game developers from using this same technology.
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