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TEKKEN 3 Lei Wulong, Yoshimitsu & Forest Law Real Life Choreography by Vladislav Litvinenko


Russian martial artist and performer who goes by VIEL (real name Vladislav Litvinenko) is back again with more incredible "real life" TEKKEN choreography. Last month, we posted videos of his Eddy Gordo and Hwoarang moves which were jaw-droppingly synched perfectly with the in-game animation and camera work of TEKKEN 7. This time, check out our friend VIEL doing another brilliant take on the TEKKEN 3 versions of Lei Wulong, Forest Law, and Yoshimitsu! Once again, his movements mimic the iconic in-game motion capture to a tee. As usual, VIEL also included each character's original stage music in the video for nostalgic effect, of course. The environment in his Lei demonstration (below) even slightly resembles Lei's TEKKEN 3 stage, to enhance your PS1-era memories and nostalgia.

He didn't stop with just TEKKEN 3. In VIEL's full YouTube video (below), he also performed some of Lei Wulong's TEKKEN 7 win poses, intros, and combos!

Next up, VIEL's recreation of TEKKEN 3's Forest Law and Yoshimitsu. Once again, the speed of the human performer is adjusted in the editing to match the flow of the in-game animation (because humans can't move faster than gravity and physics, y'know). Along with VIEL's ridiculous level of talent and athleticism... the editing and camera work are done exceptionally well, I might add. Can't wait to see who's next!


Check out more amazing videos on VIEL's YouTube channel and Instagram.


 Sources:  Real Life Game (YouTube)VIEL (Twitter)         Related Tweet: @Fighters_Gen

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