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Eddy Gordo and Hwoarang TEKKEN 7 Winposes, 10-Hit Combos Choreographed by Martial Artist


TEKKEN precedes the world of just video games, as many real-life martial artists can identify with the true-to-life martial arts styles proudly portrayed in the series. For decades, martial artists and trickers have posted videos and fight scenes mimicking TEKKEN characters. Very recently on TikTok, real-life Capoeira practitioner Vladislav Litvinenko posted a video brilliantly capturing the movements of Eddy Gordo specifically Eddy's winpose and 10-hit combo from TEKKEN 7. For Eddy's 10-hit, Vladislav's motion was sped up with video editing to perfectly match the in-game animation and frame rate (because humans can't move faster than gravity and physics, sorry). Someone give the camera guy a raise also! Even the official TEKKEN Twitter profile gave Vladislav a well-deserved mention. Bravo!


In case you're not completely mesmerized and need more "TEKKEN Real Life" in your life... Vladislav did the same thing for Hwoarang, as of today. This dude can channel the power of both Capoeira and TaeKwonDo. . . I wonder what other martial arts styles he knows. Lei Wulong next please?
[UPDATE] Yes, he also did one for Lei Wulong. Thanks Viel. The link to his Lei video can be found below!

         See more of VIEL's videos over on his YouTube channel and Instagram.

 Sources:  TEKKEN (Twitter)@Dame_TEKKENReal Life Game (YouTube)         Related Tweet: @Fighters_Gen

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