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Bandai Namco Shares SoulCalibur 6 Motion Capture Tech / Design Process for Battle Animations


The SoulCalibur series is synonymous with some of the all-time best (and smoothest) motion capture in fighting games, beautifully portraying iconic traditional and fantasy weapon-based fighting styles. In addition to building upon movesets from the prequels, SC6 introduces a plethora of new animations for returning fighters. Earlier this week, Project Soul / Bandai Namco shared some of their early design process, sketches, and video from the motion capture behind the silky-smooth martial arts animations of SoulCalibur 6. Below, enjoy Bandai Namco's interesting commentary and be sure not to miss the video featuring "Johnny", a production model showing off one of Hwang Sung Kyung's new attacks from SC6.

[How battle animations were created]

In commemoration of selling over 2 million, we'd like to introduce the general flow of creating battle animations for Project Soul over the next four days.

1. Devise an idea (1/2) The first step was to come up with an idea based on the character's personality, traits, style, etc. Hwang was "a hot-blooded swordsman who uses brilliant footwork", and we decided to add a new technique using talisman.

2. Motion capture (2/2) Motion capture is a collaborative process with the performers. Initially, we were thinking of a horizontal spinning kick, but after a suggestion from Mr. Kambe @kambeyutaka , we decided to record a vertically rotating heel drop version.

3. Actual data creation (2/2) Battle animations need to be balanced between appearance and performance, and since animations have a large impact on things like Attack Speed and hurt boxes, animators and battle designers work together to complete them.
4. Data integration (2/3) If each director is satisfied with both the performance and appearance of the technique, the job is complete! If any problems are found during the debugging period, minor corrections will be made.

(3/3) When creating a new character, the animations needed for the attack alone is over 150! It takes about 10 months from conception to completion. So many people's ingenuity and efforts go into making battle animations!


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